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BIM Virtual Reality

Integrated BIM Technique with VR (Virtual Reality)


Today, smart techniques like virtual reality, augmented reality with BIM and cloud technologies are paving the way to the new frontlines in the building segment. Even though virtual reality is used for various drives in different arenas, like gaming, construction is the latest industry for diving and integrating virtual dimensions in BIM 3D model. Amalgamating the techniques of BIM virtual design and construction, BIM VDC engineers are all set to drive the transformation of the construction sector. Tejjy Inc. – one of the best BIM service providers in USA integrates BIM 3D model and VR (Virtual Reality) seamlessly for improved construction productivity.

How the winning combination of BIM Virtual Construction works?

The amalgamation of BIM 3D model and VR by VDC consultants brings several advantages to verify space usage and mitigate coordination problems during the pre-construction stage. Design errors get minimized before moving ahead to practical project implementation. A virtual BIM 3D model with BIM 360 design collaboration provides clients the opportunity to comprehend the project at the design phase. BIM VDC engineers signify that the construction projects look more realistic compared to a BIM 3D model on a computer, detecting clashes and resolving them at an early stage.

What are the Options for VR adoption?

Construction companies implementing BIM weigh up several options when experiencing VR. Some of these tools encompass extensively accessible head-mounted displays like Oculus Rift, HTC Vivo, Samsung Gear VR, e Google Cardboard, Microsoft HoloLens, etc. All these tools enable the AEC project stakeholders to enjoy an entirely immersive 3D experience. They get the opportunity to virtually cross an entire building, accessing all relevant information. This gives an essential facet for monitoring costs and meeting project deadlines, ensuring that everything is flawlessly designed and planned.

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What are the main features of VR?

  1. One of the significant features of VR is Motion Capture in Real Time, letting the users play in a virtual environment, without using a mouse or a keyboard for exploring buildings and rooms. Some other systems are also developed to complete body tracking systems with manifold connected sensors, making the experience as real as possible.
  2. Mixed reality (MR) is another feature for blending reality with virtual images and holograms and it is common in BIM practices. This methodology enables users to get more information on building construction or other internal constituents.

Virtual Reality & BIM Applications in Construction

  1. 3D Visualization & Modeling–Through BIM integrated virtual reality, VDC consultants enable the smooth operations of the 3D modeling process, enabling 3D visualization for all disciplines like architecture, structural and MEP. Based on parametric Revit BIM modeling objects, relationship with spatial geometry and physical and mechanical properties are elucidated in a perfect way.
  2. 4D BIM Construction Scheduling–Integrating virtual reality, BIM VDC engineers construct plan, and support virtual simulation of the building and its control. 4D application associates 3D elements, prearranged in sets, to the correspondent time schedule, enabling comparison between real work and planned sequence of the process. This facilitates a permanent actualization of construction schedules, assessments, and logistic site management.
  3. 5D BIM Cost Estimation–BIM integrated virtual reality also enables 5D cost estimation, and control of financing plan as per material take-off quantities in every constructive step.
  4. 6D BIM Energy Analysis–BIM virtual construction supports the performance of energy and sustainability building studies. BIM VDC consultants are able to make energy consumption estimate of the project and subsequently monitor, measure and verify energy consumption at the time of building occupation.
  5. 7D BIM Facilities Management–Through BIM virtual construction, BIM model is produced for supporting facilities maintenance and facilities management activities in the building at the time of occupancy.

Where to opt for VR integrated BIM Services?

Tejjy Inc. – one of the best BIM service providers in USA, integrating VR technologies with BIM 3D model. BIM VDC engineers of this company produce details of the product and planning information, valuable during design phase, throughout the building life cycle. If you want to know more about augmented reality with BIM, talk to the top BIM service providers in USA. To implement virtual BIM 3D model, or BIM 360 design collaboration, call BIM VDC  consultants of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or info@tejjy.com.

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3D Modeling Services

The Journey of Architectural BIM Services with Building Analysis

Are you concerned about the environmental impact of your construction on other buildings? Worried about the fact how a building will cast a shadow on an adjacent area? Concerned about whether the brick façade will match with other construction in your neighborhood? 

Anxious about the fact whether your lobby area will look congested? Whether the light monitor will provide sufficient daylight to the passage? 

All such questions can be answered by 3D visualization services in construction through architectural BIM modeling services in by best BIM companies.

No matter whether you are adopting BIM services in US or UK or anywhere in the world. The architectural BIM engineering companies inject a new life to your building structure with best design build service. Holding strong to cost and time estimation BIM services like 3D modeling, 4D scheduling, 5D cost estimation the precise construction cost and material cost could be deduced.

What is the need of Architectural BIM Engineering Services ?

  • Experienced architectural BIM service provider in USA provide customized BIM modeling services as per client requirement by directly communicating with their team members. 
  • The BIM engineers support the architects in reviewing the model. 
  • The architectural clients obtain high quality design build services at a competitive rate.
  • Successful implementation of BIM modeling services in commercial projects facilitates the construction of high rise buildings, healthcare projects, hotels & convention centers, educational institutes, and large commercial projects.

Top Benefits of Architectural 3D Modeling include:

  • Risk Mitigation: 

As 3D BIM performs clash coordination to support highly efficient mep BIM services the construction risk is reduced with early clash detection.

  • Decreased change orders:

 The digitized platform of BIM services automatically manages changes with proper updating eliminating inconsistencies.

  • Optimization of Schedule: 

4D Scheduling helps managing activities online with continuous tracking the action on roles and responsibilities of the team employed on construction project. 4D with AI reduces risk to minimalistic levels in an architectural engineering project.

  • Improving Design Quality:

The added perspective of architect, designer, MEP engineers, BIM engineers, contractor, sub-contractor elevates the design efficacy. 3D visualization and animation walkthrough enables any changes before the beginning of the project. Customized Revit families help you have innovative design services.

  • Competent Project Handover:

Top BIM companies in world adopt BIM services from 3D model to scheduling to quantity takeoff. As a best BIM service provider the journey doesn’t end with completion of construction project it still continues. The reality is BIM through facilities management helps in maintenance and operation of commercial construction projects. It would not be wrong in saying BIM has evolved itself as a support system to architectural engineering companies.

What are the Top BIM Modeling Services during the Design Process?

The key architectural 3D BIM services provided by BIM service providers in the USA encompass Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documentation.

  • Schematic Design encompasses exploration of the exterior view and interior view of the building through 3D BIM modeling services, BIM 3D Visualization, and the creation of intelligent libraries for building components in numerous styles and specifications. Schematic Design involves the first phase of the design, where an architect consults with the client for determining the project requirements and objectives. Schematic BIM Design often generates rough drawings of a construction site plan, floor plans, elevations, and descriptive sketches or computer renderings. The stage of Design is associated with LOD 200 Revit BIM Model.
  • Detailed Design Development Services through Building Information Modeling involve the Elevations, Floor plans, Building schemes, and Information on material provisions, quantities, time schedules as well as costs. In the Design Development Phase, the schematic plans and elevations get reviewed, revised, and extended for incorporating all the specifications essential for construction. All the project components are considered to the minutest details including the Lighting & technology designs. This is associated with the LOD 300 Revit BIM Model.
  • Construction Documentation Services encompass a precise set of drawings integrating apt data regarding every step of the construction process and all specifications necessary for creating an all-inclusive estimate and eventually make the final construction of the project. Usually, the BIM construction documentation services take into consideration Building Sections, Staircase, and Vertical Circulation details as well as other Construction details. It corresponds to LOD 400 Revit Model.

How Revit Building Information Modeling Services Cater to BIM Architecture Firms in the USA?

Revit BIM Services in the USA facilitates several BIM architectural companies in the USA for experiencing building design before it becomes real. The Revit software platform constitutes to be a quantifiable Building Information Modeling platform, providing the ability to visualize building performance accurately. Be it for architectural BIM services or structural BIM services, Revit 3D Modeling enables architects, engineers, and other construction professionals to get the one-stop solution regarding BIM outsourcing services and deliver the most befitting resolution competently to clients.  

Be it the creation of 3D BIM Models from the sketch, CAD drawings, construction documentation, BIM clash detection & Revit family content creation, Revit BIM Services in the USA assure architectural clients the delivery of the entire construction process from the stage of conceptual or schematic design to the construction documentation stage, facilitating complete BIM Modeling.

Why Revit 3D Modeling Services preferred by US clients?

Architectural Revit BIM modeling service is most preferred by clients in the USA as it delivers accurate and updated information regarding the design scope, costs, quantities, and other properties of the building modules. The architectural BIM modeling services extend to maintain and manage all design modifications and project updates. Hence, the project architect can opt for improved decision making, reducing design errors. Consequently, coordination of construction drawings and other documents gets improved through providing seamless integration amongst design, analysis, construction, and engineering operations for the facility lifecycle. Thus, through architectural BIM services, you can get a shared information resource, making the building process responsive to all project stakeholders, facilitating the construction workflow, and improving project efficiency and profitability.

Where to find one of the best Architectural BIM Services Companies in the USA?

Want to outsource BIM Service in DC or BIM Design in MD, talk to the BIM Engineers of Tejjy Inc. and acquire the flawless architectural solution for your project by calling at 202-465-4830 or info@tejjy.com. Tejjy Inc. provides a wide array of architectural BIM Modeling services in DC, MD, VA & Baltimore areas enabling clients to make improved project visualization at the pre-construction stage.

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Architectural Services

Architectural BIM Services – A Complete Support to Construction Project Lifecycle

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is supported by architects throughout the stages of architectural design development. Be its conceptual design, schematic design, detailed design, or a stage of construction documentation, using 3D BIM Modeling for Architected Service helps in creating an accurate interior design for the renovation, restoration, or new creation. BIM also delivers virtual models of building components, creating a detailed 360-degree view of the projected building.

Here are the 4 Stages of BIM Support to Architectural Services:

• Conceptual Designing BIM Support to Architecture:

Architectural 3D BIM Modeling gives an edge to the design process. Building Information Modeling facilitates the creation of multiple design routes for presentation with variants in layout and space planning. 3D Rendering Models with varied colors and material provisions provide an accurate feel to the structure of the virtual building. Throughout the architectural conceptual designing stage, the design of the projected construction structure is shaped using Revit Models, emphasizing the looks, behaviors & structural properties. The stage can be associated with the Revit LOD 100 Model together with several components like the Masses, Conceptual Design &general project phasing. Location, as well as Orientation analysis, can be accomplished at this stage & quantities based on overall area & volume can also be acquired.

• Pre-Construction Stage Architectural BIM Support:

Building Modeling experts can create detailed & accurate Construction Drawing Services from Architectural 3D Model. The Revit parametric facets in a BIM Model enable undertaking a high level of detailing with accuracy. Modifications made in the architectural drawing plans mechanically get reflected in all the related areas of the construction sheets. 3D BIM Model for Coordination can be used collaboratively for clash detection at the pre-construction stage of residential & commercial architectural development. This diminishes the construction cost by reducing design changes at the time of construction.

• Construction Phase BIM Support in Architecture:

 4D BIM Construction Phasing & 5D BIM Cost Estimate simplifies the development of the construction phase effectively, facilitating on-site coordination with Architectural BIM Modeling. On-site modifications can also be accomplished as per the virtual Architectural BIM design model. This stage acts as a bridge between architectural design & physical building, with the creation of architectural drawings & specifications for comprehensive building project requirements. The stage corroborates with LOD 400 Revit Model, encompassing elements that are precise in terms of shape, size, location, amount & alignment with fabrication, assembly & other details.

• Post Construction BIM Services Support:

Architectural 3D BIM Modeling Service also expedite the post-construction stage for bestowing an as-built model that can be used for the renovation of a building. BIM services for architects ensure methodical facility management using an all-inclusive Architectural model encircling various asset details.

For more details about Architectural BIM service in DC, Baltimore, MD & VA areas in the USA, get in touch with the Architectural BIM Modelers of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4850 or info@tejjy.com.

Top 5 Misconceptions of BIM (Building Information Modeling)
BIM Service

Top 5 Misconceptions of BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Top 5 Misconceptions of BIM (Building Information Modeling)

There are some common misconceptions, when it comes to Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation for construction industry. Want to know about the misconceptions & the realities of BIM that are bringing about the digital construction revolution?

Here are the top 5 misconceptions along with the realities of BIM:

  1. Misconception: BIM is just 3D Modeling

There is a misconception that BIM is just about 3D Modeling and not about drawing things in 3D. While 3D model is the obvious visual display of transformed techniques of working, it is a part of a much wider process. Building Information Modeling is not only about making a visual depiction of a physical object or an entity, rather it’s about a collaborative working for creating digital datasets. Graphical as well as non-graphical data is deposited in a shared digital space called the Common Data Environment,where it can be used to create federated models. So, BIM is about the management of information throughout the construction project lifecyle of a facility and not just about the 3D model.

  • Misconception: BIM takes more time to impact Productivity

It’s for sure that any process that encompasses new methods of working will certainly take some time to bring a positive impact to production. However,a careful construction planning facilitates in selecting the right pilot for the project, ensuring that you have the time and resource to get up to the speed. BIM company gives you long-term benefits with gains overshadowing the preliminary investment. Compared to the conventional way of working, a BIM approach usually frontloads the formation of project-related information and assets and this takes time to work in a cohesive way with project planning and resourcing. With the help of training and competent BIM resources, the output from BIM will be worth the investment in the long run.

  • Misconception: BIM implementation is expensive

Some upfront costs are involved with every program, while transforming from conventional working process but they provide longer-term efficacies and benefits. BIM company is about the cost of hardware, software and extra training. Nowadays various tools are available free of cost or at low-cost, and there are readily accessible sources of guidance too. So, you can easily decidethe facets of BIM implementation and thus can control, spend and merge with existing commitments.

  • Misconception:  BIM is just for the big companies, buildings & government projects

It’s a misconception that big construction projects only uses BIM. However, this doesn’t mean that smaller companies can’t benefit from BIM. Infact, smaller companies can gain the most from the competences and collaboration of BIM.  The fact is that all organisations incur the same type of financial costs,though on different scales in delivering  a project. Even if governments are progressively encouraging and mandating the use of BIM on their projects, considering the benefits and productivities that can be realized, such an approach is not limited to large, public-sector projects. Today, the AEC clients of the private sector clients are increasingly seizing the opportunities across a wide array of projects –be it large or small of varying levels of complexity.

  • Misconception: BIM is only a flash in the pan

Thekey concepts at the core of Building Information Modeling have been a long time in the making. The probability of co-ordinated design for removing waste and bringing about cost savings was championed by organizations like the Building Research Establishment in the 1970s.The logic behind mechanized clash detection was discussed back in 1966. Hence, far from being a craze, Building Information Modeling is a natural evolution, made real by the technology advancements, raising expectations in the broader world. A day will come when BIM will just be a ‘business as usual’  thatbe embraced and implemented by all to gain the most.

The bottom line is that BIM technology is an evolutionary step for the construction industry. The benefits produced through BIM is real and valuable to AEC industry in the long term. BIM company isn’t a craze andwill be a necessity to every  construction professional. As people moved from a pen to a mouse & CAD, BIM is meant to bethe next evolutionary step in the construction domain.

So, don’t wait and make BIM the best recourse for your construction project from inception to final built. Get in touch with the experts of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or email at info@tejjy.com to discuss your requirement about BIM, Architectural & Engineering, Construction Management&Permit Expedition Services in DC, MD, VA & Baltimore areas in the USA.

Nine Industries for 3D Modeling Service

Industries Operating Effectively with 3D Modeling Services

3D Modeling services with mep drawings are making a significant impact on modern society. But how is it elevating the design standards of architectural, structural and mep design drawings? A food for thought. It’s definitely the design drawings when rendered into 3d models by 3D visualization companies. Experienced BIM services providers also facilitate 3d visualization, VR, AR and walkthroughs for improved vision. Transformation of shop drawings into 3d model resolves clashes at early stages of construction. Basically, its coordinated drawings which have boomed the AEC services.

Supporting the fact is the industry research. Building Information Modeling BIM market is growing and will cross 2019 USD 4.9 billion to USD 8.9 billion in 2024. This would be a striking compound annual growth rate of 12.7%. Driving factors for growth of the BIM services in USA market especially are  on-going urbanization requiring accurate and quality results. Being the backbone to this growth is BIM Software. Large BIM software companies like Autodesk are continuously working and releasing BIM updates continuously. Major players in the sectors include Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Nemetschek, Dassault Systèmes, Trimble and 20 other BIM software companies.

At the same time support for AR, VR, 3d printing, robotics, AI is also growing. Another industry research  by  Technology and Telecommunication states that.  3D Display market revenue in North America will grow from 7.48 billion US dollar of  2012 to 51.2 billion US dollar in 2022.

How 3D Modeling technique with mep drawings have become the main contributor? 

The digitized platform along with software applications create a comprehensive 3D model producing design drawings.  The process entails the use of combining polygons, spline curves, 3D shapes as well as NURBS (non-uniform rational B-splines). Initially, a simple blueprint is created and progressively  mechanical, electrical and plumbing joints, movement path of mep components are added. With revit family, customized mep components can be easily created. Later, texture are added for realistic look through 3dmodeling services. Basically, Autodesk Revit families deliver mechanical, plumbing and electrical drawings as per your requirement. Even other advanced software programs can be adopted to create accurate mechanical drawings such as  3DS Max, AutoCAD, Rhino, Blender, Cinema 4D, etc.

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Industries Using BIM Services  for Growth

Now, let’s focus on the industries using 3d modeling services in their work process to improve productivity and efficiency through accurate mep drawings.

  • Engineering 

Top engineering companies facilitate engineers with 3D Modeling of  mep drawings . This helps    engineers to visualize the machinery and its processes in greater detail. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing drawings extracted from the 3D BIM model provide a platform for engineers to dig inside every corner of the machine like for instance using high-powered laser cutters to produce sheet-metal specifications to the smallest measurements. No longer, the engineers have to work with the pen paper blueprints. This precise exploration of the machinery allows better operational efficiency with architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing drawings. The coordinated mep drawings provide greater system details, designing commercial, residential, mixed use, educational, industrial, healthcare and infrastructural facilities. In this manner, a complete and speedy turnaround of the project takes place for accurate drafting of assemblies and building components. Consequently, this minimizes errors, wastage, and unnecessary expenses for the construction of airports, shopping malls, convention centers, stadium, hospital, art and entertainment centers, schools, colleges and several other facilities.

  • Manufacturing 

The manufacturing industry is continuously progressing. You must have seen examples like the automation in the original factory lines of Henry T. Ford. Currently, the sector has shifted to an entirely new era of efficiency with 3D modeling and printing in the USA and across the globe. The techniques have given a new vision and horizon to the manufacturing industry. You have to design drawings and print at a click. No imaginations are restricted to any boundary. The manufacturers can create an entire building with less wastage, enabling excellent creativity. MEP shop drawings provide an enhanced detail for fabrication and installation for the assembly of manufacturing components. Mechanical components including HVAC details require prefabrication of ductwork, air-handling units, as well as customized piping connections amongst equipment and other services of the building. Elevators and cabinet systems also need fabrication or shop drawing services. The final dimensional accuracy of fabricated building components are obtained from the shop drawings prepared by architects and engineers. It’s the shop drawings that help to detect all discrepancies before the onset of field installation.

  • Architecture 

No longer hours of continuous sitting to manage loads of building drawings and materials. Few clicks and your creativity can be seen in the form of complete structure, showing every facet of the building. Architecture industry visualization has been revolutionized by architectural 3d modeling services. The architects can now make building analysis with 3D BIM visualization and can show how visitors and building inhabitants will interact with a construction. They experience building before it becomes real with effective architectural, structural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical drawings. Using coordinated architectural drawings and integrating that to structural detailing and mep fp components, a design idea is developed into a coherent proposal for communicating concepts and convincing clients of the merits of design. This assists the building contractors to build design intent, through complex modeling techniques and powerful rendering using digital models of structure for architectural visualization. Design visualization doesn’t get hampered with the ability of the viewer to interpret 2D design drawings mentally. Using Revit BIM software solution along with 3DS Max, the architects can visualize building performance before construction. They can thus explore, validate and convey building designs successfully, identifying constructability issues and saving time.

  • Filmmaking 

Creation of imaginary CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) graphics would just not be possible to make through physical production processes. The recent films like Marvel superhero series, Avengers: Infinity War would not have been possible without using 3D modeling techniques and CGI. No character like Groot or Iron Man would have been born in reality, neither any realization of the worlds and regions like Wakanda and Titan could have been visualized without 3D modeling, animation, visualization and walkthrough implementation. After reaching this level of finesse there is no turn back or runaway of the film industry from 3D software’s.

  • Video Game Design 

The video game developers have created a virtual world of gaming. No longer it’s the arrow bow world. You enter the screen and are practically part of the game. They can even recreate the sea and waves and create natural particles like smoke, dust, and weather conditions. Recent games like God of War for the PS4 show the use of 3D by throwing the player into Norse Mythology, confronting gods and monsters. Kids, adults fascinated with the game world will accept no less than what is at present which is again impossible without 3D animation and modelling.

  • Healthcare 

BIM services are like a savior for the healthcare industry.  Visualizing the human organ helps to improve the understanding of complete body functionality. Body CGI versions give a peep into the circulatory system, neurons in the brain as well as the structure of the lungs. Artificial organs, medical equipment are being created as well as tested in a 3d environment. New equipment designing , prototype testing and understanding are performed with  3D printers and CAD machines.

  • Scientific Research 

In climate models and projections, 3D modeling with mechanical drawings transformed the way of analyzing and predicting the weather. Climatologists are using advanced modeling software applications for creating weather zones and simulations, showing weather patterns and predicting how dangerous natural occurrences like hurricanes and earthquakes will impact the earth. Scanning technology and 3D modeling are also used by scientists to map the planet like the caves to be explored.

  • Marketing

For product marketing and selling 3d modeling helps to allure the client. Detailed design drawings of product marketing by creating fantastic product catalogs and advertising media and placing products seamlessly within any environment. Moreover, patterns, textures, shapes, and size can also be altered with a few clicks of a mouse, avoiding expensive marketing setups. AEC clients can win bids through marketing BIM presentations of high-grade 3D rendered images, 4D Construction Phasing, Site Logistics and 3D Walkthrough Animations. Construction phasing and walkthroughs can be included in animation, showcasing every angle of the constructed space to clients. 3D Walkthrough convinces the homeowners, designers, contractors, buyers, and investors, by allowing them to experience a realistic feel of the building size and layout and navigate construction on their own terms.

  • Industrial Design 

3D modeling with mechanical, plumbing and electrical drawings have brought an unparalleled level of detail and efficiency to freelance industrial design which involves the creation of factory layouts, machinery, and production processes. Using 3D model creation with mep drawings, companies can instantly realize the whole facility layouts. A food packaging company using 3D technique can design the floor space of their factory with every detail including assembly lines, loading bays, etc. As a result of which, there is improved efficiency through visualizing the entire factory, and identifying and eliminating potential bottlenecks in production. Productive and profitable facilities can also be created through this technique for the industrial design industry.

Benefits of MEP BIM Services :

  1. 3D BIM Clash Coordination – Coordinated 3D mep services improve project visualization and communication of mep design intent with other services, facilitating multidisciplinary collaboration.
  2. 4d construction scheduling – 4d scheduling helps in managing construction against time, facilitating the construction team to visualize logical issues and inefficiencies.
  3. 5D cost estimation and quantity takeoff – MEP shop drawing companies are able to give precise cost estimation through 5d cost estimation or quantity takeoff, linking the costs to the BIM model, enabling sustainable project management.
  4. 6D BIM sustainability and energy efficiency – Integrating mep bim services with intelligent 3d components and assembly lead to reduced energy consumption.
  5. 7D BIM facilities management – BIM integrated 7D simulation model optimizes asset management starting from design to demolition.

So, it’s evident that shop drawings are opening up new prospects driving forward innovation in AEC services. Contact top BIM consulting companies with experienced mep engineers, architects for implementing 3D Modeling solutions.