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How Do Washington DC Architecture Firms Help Industry Sectors?


Top Washington DC architecture firms are working with the best residential architect in DC and other engineering firms to integrate digital drawings with architectural engineering services in USA for innovative building designs. Best residential architecture firms in DC are adopting BIM Revit families to modernize the work process of Architectural, Engineering and Construction professionals. Residential architecture firm in Maryland, DC residential architects and many other residential construction companies in DC take the help of the design build experts, estimators and BIM modelers for analyzing design drawings. Some of the competent Washington DC architecture firms use 3d BIM model for clash resolution. They plan, design and monitor construction with early clash coordination at the pre-construction stage. Residential architects in Washington DC use the latest BIM building design build techniques for real-time tracking, cloud database management, accurate execution and remodeling projects in a complex environment.

Let’s take a quick look at how do Washington DC architecture firms facilitate various Industry sectors? 

  • Government Facilities Supported by Washington DC Architecture Firms

Top architecture companies in the US and Washington DC architecture firms facilitate government facilities such as schools, colleges, healthcare, public transportation, warehouse, etc. Best architecture design firms and top architecture companies in USA provide collaborative support to the government infrastructure through architectural 3d modeling, visualization, as-built modeling, design development and coordination.

Some of the services provided by the best architecture companies include:

  • Architectural & Engineering Services 
  • Building design & development for construction & renovation
  • Building analysis & evaluation of existing conditions
  • Building drawing creation for measurement
  • Code estimation according to zoning ordinance & land use plans
  • Evaluating energy efficiency & feasibility study with cost estimation
  • Space planning with 3d floor plans and site planning with landscape, lighting, sideways, etc.
  • Administration assistance with general contractors & project managers
  • Public agency coordination and management

To know more about government facilities, contact best architecture companies in USA

Washington DC Architecture Firms and several other best architectural services in USA facilitate in creating the designs of multifamily apartments, mixed-used buildings, restaurants, retails, offices, hotels, residential apartments, commercial space, etc. The modern generation wants a flexible solution and hence the Washington DC architecture firms work with BIM services for creating mixed-use buildings and retail centers. Many other architecture firms in Maryland and Washington architecture firms work with Revit BIM modeling to provide design-build solutions for shopping malls and retail centers. Best architecture company in USA considers various aspects like flexibility, complexity, shafts, etc. for carving out the right solution for facilities operations and facilities management. 

A quick look at the considerations by Washington DC architecture firms:

Washington DC architecture firms, residential architects Maryland and many other architecture firms Baltimore MD consider various aspects while creating a building design:

  • Flexibility – Architectural designers look after flexibility to meet the demand set of the construction. They design buildings, as per the demands of residential and commercial areas. They match the HVAC requirements of residential and commercial space, providing clarifications and facilitate changes in the construction, integrating architectural BIM technology.
  • Complexity –  Understanding the complexities of a mixed-use project, architectural BIM engineers prepare construction documents of complex mixed-use designs. 3D BIM model created by Washington DC architecture firm help to provide accurate shop drawings for the sake of real construction.
  • Shafts: Sometimes the design layouts for mixed-use and retail centers vary to a great extent between the floors. As a result, it becomes difficult to make the plan of the shafts and ducts. Washington DC architecture firms using BIM design-build solution make the right planning by crafting the building entrance as well as the access to commercial spaces.

Get more information on architectural engineering services for the mixed-use retail center

  • Restaurants Crafting Design Solutions with Washington DC architecture firm

The growth of restaurants has compelled restaurant design firms to seek architectural BIM Modeling. Implementing BIM parametric modeling tools for design creation, several Washington DC architecture firms are creating impressive designs for food outlets, dining rooms, fast-food centre, etc. A good restaurant design is created by balancing an ambience and seating capacity. Proficient BIM integrated restaurant interior design services maximize client profit and make guests feel comfortable.

A few steps followed by Washington DC architecture firms include:

  • Interior Designing – Interior building designs of new construction and renovations are created through 3D BIM modeling of restaurants. Several designs are evaluated by Washington DC architecture firms for the creation of new restaurant design, determining the design concept, lights, décor, texture, space, etc.
  • 3D Floor Planning – Detailed 3d floor plans created through BIM modeling help to visualize the building space realistically, facilitating effective planning in less time.
  • 3D Visualization – Implementing BIM 3D visualization and rendering, top Washington DC architecture firms provide restaurant building presentations in a safe method, detecting errors during the pre-construction stage.

Read more about restaurant design services provided by Washington DC architecture firms. 

In this way, Washington DC architecture firms facilitate various Industry sectors like government facilities, mixed-use and retail and restaurants. To know more about the work process of Washington DC architecture firm, contact Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or info@tejjy.com

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Architectural Design Services for Home Remodeling
Architectural Services

Comprehensive Architectural Design Services for Home Remodeling


Building a customized home is an experience of a lifetime. The expedition begins with an idea and ends with a well-designed project. However, important decisions need to be taken for home remodeling, that may vary as per the project type, delivery method, and selection of design professionals. Work with residential architecture firms for customized home renovation. You can also appoint BIM companies in USA for getting comprehensive architectural services and permit drawings as per your budget requirement.

What are Architectural Services?

Comprehensive architectural services encompass various facets of the design and construction from inception to completion. Proficient architects of BIM companies in USA are able to guide you in the right path and ensure that your project runs smoothly. As an advocate, architectural firms facilitate you  in making the best decisions and communicating to other project stakeholder on your behalf. They ensure that your project meets the design intent of architectural drawings and is accurately created as per the industry standards and local codes.

Stages of Architectural Building Design Services:

  1. Pre-Design Stage
  2. Stage of Schematic or Conceptual Design
  3. Design Development
  4. Construction Documentation


  1. Pre-design Stage

Residential architecture firms understand the project requirements and priorities. The initial phase of design is like a phase of “discovery”, where the architects assemble information about the project from codes and sites.  All project problems are defined in real terms matching the budget, timeline and objectives. Usually, a pre-design phase includes zoning and code review, project program and site analysis.

  • Zoning and Code Review – Architects who work with home remodeling services thoroughly review the building codes and regulations for making an impact on the process of project approval. This encompasses looking after area commissions, zoning codes, environmental limitations, fire codes, and long reviews.
  • Portraying an outline of Project Program – Architectural firms start this process of designing by completing client questionnaires. The questionnaire gets started by portraying an outline of the project. With these questions, the project brief is obtained by getting an essence of the entire project supporting program documentation. Top architectural home renovation service providers in USA transform the construction document into reality with the help of Building Information Modeling.
  • Construction Site Analysis – Most of the residential architecture firms provide construction site analysis for architects at the pre-design stage. Top architects look at the local site conditions, including climate, wind pattern, solar outlook, topography, and other substantial facets specific to your site. Starting from the stage of zoning & code analysis, architectural BIM home renovation service providers overlay local restrictions on site plans and produce site diagrams for opportunities and strategies to explore in the next phase.
  1. Stage of Schematic or Conceptual Design

Architectural firms collect information during the pre-design stage and create studies from the beginning to block out space on the site. Residential architecture firms produce different design options. The initial conceptual design lies in loose sketch form, inciting new ideas and feedback. Towards the end of this stage, designs are created for other concepts. It is from that stage, concepts are enhanced for schematic design drawings, making them accurate with actual dimensions. At this stage, initial cost estimates are obtained from the BIM model to confirm the budget and make necessary adjustments.

  1. Design Development

An approved schematic design from the previous phase facilitates BIM companies in USA to start work, refining the project and making it real through detailed drawing creation. BIM architects use masses, relationships, alignments, materiality and other details. At this stage of design development, drawings show comprehensive detail of wall thicknesses, window, door sizes, building systems, building assemblies, and structural components. BIM Engineers carry out research and choose all interior materials and finishes, paint colors, fixtures, and cabinetry design. All such components are crucial for the success of design and get integrated in the construction process in a cohesive way.

  1. Construction Documentation

The phase of construction documentation outlines all technical and specifications about a project and is used for project bidding and construction. Depending on whether you’d like to bid the project or negotiate a contract, we create the drawings and the level of details.  A typical project includes the drawings of site, floor and foundation plans, exterior elevations, building sections, door and window details, interior elevations, structural engineering plans and other details.

Consult top architectural BIM service provider in USA for residential design

Do you like to avail comprehensive architectural services? Get in touch with Tejjy Inc. BIM engineering company and get the best residential architectural services for home remodeling. Consult proficient BIM consultants today at 202-465-4830 or info@tejjy.com.



How much does commercial architect cost?
Architectural Services

Why Do You Need Commercial Architectural & Design Services?

Seeking a commercial architectural development service provider in DC, VA, MD & Baltimore? Well, you need to find out the best architectural company specific to your area in the USA. However, before appointing a competent architectural service firm in the USA and getting the perfect design solutions for your commercial architectural development, let’s take a quick look into what are commercial architectural services, and what are the benefits of commercial architectural solutions?

What are Commercial Architectural Services?

Commercial Architectural Services are the building designs that provide a place for the construction business to work seamlessly with clients, staff, and materials. Adept Designers, Modelers, Architects & Engineers of architectural companies design commercial projects as per the business requirements of clients. They then build a brand image through commercial architectural designs, voicing the goals of the companies in the USA.

What are the Benefits of Availing Commercial Architectural Services?

  • Defining the Advantage & Disadvantage in a Property:  A veteran architectural development & design service provider has the specializations in the Evaluation of Existing Facilities for defining the advantages and disadvantages inherent in a property. Whether it’s associated with code compliance, convenience, development, or constructional expediency, AEC (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) professionals can derive the most advantages from the commercial architectural service providers as the companies involve their professionals in construction projects at an initial stage. Hence, they can choose the ideal property matching your requirements, before buying something with complications attached to it.
  • Customized Deliverables : Working with a proficient architectural service company helps in getting customized deliverables for your commercial architectural & engineering projects in terms of cost and quality. As a result of which, the construction professionals can focus on businesses for developing a project supporting their company’s activity and image requirements. The commercial architectural development firms clearly state the scope, amount, and estimated schedule of the services and thus can define the costs as per those activities. This results in finite architectural services according to the creation of actual deliverables on the timeline of the AEC professionals, instead of the endless application of time & resources to the projects. The architectural service firm makes the projects look unique and customized according to the requirements, schedule, & budget.
  • Collaborative Team Approach to Work –Specialized architects and engineers of architectural service firms know the scrupulous working requirements of the commercial architecture firm and thus can develop the right business requirements of clients, understanding the requirements. They collaborate with the clients and stakeholders of the construction project and move towards architectural improvement involving inputs from several directions. The commercial architectural engineers create improved buildings for clients, by accommodating the requirements of appropriate user groups.
  • Cost Estimation for Architectural ProjectProfessional architectural companies facilitate in managing the cost of the construction projects from the very start through analyzing programming requirements and inspecting the space against potential cost.They evaluate the projected cost of the work with the project progress at every step with comprehensive information for avoiding cost surprises distressing the work at a later stage. If the clients have specific contractors, some of the best commercial architectural services company invite them for getting themselves involved at the initial stage of the design process and thus benefiting the project from a real-worldstance.
  • Clear & Concise Documentation

In many cases, municipal bodies want comprehensive information about a commercial architectural project in the USA according to its size, cost, and other façades bringing an impact on the community. The expert architectural & engineering companies provide clear & concise graphic and written information, explaining a project to the project stakeholders. The documentation of the top architecture firms facilitates in building an agreement about the relevance & cost-efficacy of the projects. The managers of the architectural companies communicate to clients for substantial design information answering all questions of the involved project parties and the apprehensions of the financial organizations according to the project requirements.

Consult Tejjy Inc. – a Commercial Architectural Development Service Provider in Washington DC and make your commercial agricultural development project a reality. Call at 202-465-4830 or info@tejjy.com and envisage your future architectural project.