BIM Service for Contractors

Once buildings were designed and erected by “master builders.” An instance is U.S Patent Office in Washington, D.C. that opened in 1942. A master builder designed it and the building continues to be a functional and bustling place, even today. Now, it is the house of the National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian American Art Museum. Similarly, Arlington House– a historical design build structure in 1800s is serving as a beautiful and functional space. These buildings stand the test of time and a share of the acclaim go to the general contractors. It’s the general contractors who are responsible for property damage restoration services. They act as a property manager during the time of crisis and support building reinforcement, assessing construction project requirements.

Why choose BIM for general contractors?

Now, since the architecture, engineering and construction industry is very competitive today, the general contractors are choosing digitized construction technology like Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM services company in DC, Baltimore, MD & VA areas in USA are delivering high-quality architectural BIM engineering and construction drawings for reducing cost and enhancing turnaround time for general contractors. Implementing digitized BIM execution plan for architectural and engineering, comprehensive BIM services help to improve visualization through automation. BIM for general contractors brings inventiveness to a new level through the architectural transformation from ink and paper to digitized screens for 3D floor plan, site plans and detail drawings for a project. Using BIM engineering, clarity is brought to design build objectives regarding performance parameters, clearance, and ease of maintenance. This helps construction professionals to reduce rework & make essential changes to eliminate work-stop page. BIM is also delivered as a part of Integrated Project Delivery process, allowing a framework to streamline construction projects. BIM services facilitate projects across industries including residential, commercial, infrastructural, educational, healthcare, sports and mixed-use projects.

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Top BIM Benefits for General Contractors

  • Visualization & Walkthrough – BIM for General contractors are able to show clients the actual representation of the projects, rather than depending on 2D drawings and plans. They can virtually build projects with BIM before construction with kinks and road blocks. The technology provides the confidence to visualize the entire construction from inception to the final built.
  • Marketing presentation –General contractors as well as mep contractors use 4D BIM based simulations and 3D renderings for giving marketing presenting to your clients. 3D BIM Modeling design build technique enables contractors to win projects.
  • Clash Detection& Coordination –BIM modeling enables clash detection, before the onset of construction, thus enhancing construction planning and project implementation, helping projects to get completed with more efficacy in reduced time.
  • Off-site fabrication – BIM enables off-site fabrication for making on-site fabrication processes accurate and faster, resulting in fewer conflicts, thus saving expenses and improving yard management activities.

How do general contractors use BIM services?

  • 3D BIM Modeling– General contractors use BIM 3D modeling services for structural elements like steel, slab, concrete, beams, columns and various architectural elements like walls, doors, stairs, and windows. Expert modelers use 3D BIM modeling, enabling contractors to analyze design components of a project. BIM 3D Visualization facilitates project participants to effectively share design, detect errors & inconsistencies at the pre-construction stage through Navisworks software application. BIM modelers with expertise in Autodesk Revit & AutoCAD create MEP models for Design Validation, Design Development & Coordination through various stages like Conceptual, Schematic, Detailed Design or Construction Documentation. General contractors are able to resolve MEP issues through BIM for seamless construction and future maintenance.
  • 4D BIM Construction Scheduling – 4D Scheduling or construction simulation plays a vital part in project planning. General contractors are using 4D BIM Modeling to add up new dimension to visualize project timelines phase-wise, letting team obtain simplest details, visualizing construction process & checking various design options. Building items are incorporated into the model as a part of the logistic plan, using BIM for improving construction planning & monitoring on-site health and safety. 3d BIM modeling authenticate site logistics to visualize job site utilization through various stages of the construction project. BIM walkthroughs visualize construction space with surrounding landscape, interior and natural lights, material depiction, and other moving objects. BIM presentations for site logistics also facilitate accurate positioning of construction equipment, crane placement, document storage, and allocation of parking space.
  • 5D BIM Cost Estimation & Procurement Management – 5D BIM modeling produces automated & accurate quantity for determining labor & material cost. Quantity take-off/BOQ/BOM for general contractors helps to detect asset conditions through model exploration, providing adequate time for price optimization. MEP contractors, general contractors as well as architects and structural engineers are able to obtain an accurate cost estimate of the components from the BIM model, saving project time.
  • Point Cloud Laser Scan to BIM– Point Cloud laser scan to BIM services are required by AEC professionals, general contractors, mep contractors and design build firms for preparing various models of Architectural, Structural, and MEP services. Point Cloud scan to BIM empowers general  contractors to take decisions about building components. Point cloud scan to BIM creates a clash analysis for MEP services during feasibility inspection, adding new components.
  • Revit BIM Family CreationRevit BIM Modeling services enable all AEC professionals, including mep contractors, general contractors, architects and other design build firms to create sustainable environment-friendly designs. BIM consultants in Baltimore, MD, DC & Virginia help to minimize physical work, improving productivity and profitability by adopting Revit families with information stored about building components. BIM companies design building modeling components in Revit such as curtain wall panels, ceilings, fixtures, elevators, pumps and re-model the components by amending family parameters.
  • As Built Documentation – As built drawings from 3D BIM Model act as a complete reference tool for the general contractors and other AEC clients to make future project planning through renovation, modernization and redevelopment. 3D as-built BIM model helps the general contractors in field verification of components and as-built drawings help to convert existing data during pre-construction stage into 3D models.
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Final Thought – Use BIM to collaborate & win over competitors

Earlier contractors used to win a bid and turned over the project to the owner, once completed. However, today, the building owners engage in regular meetings with construction companies throughout the project lifecycle to stay updated on time and budget, and BIM plays a crucial role in such meetings. The owners can see the work progress, access information and answer questions about specifications and permits right on the 3D Model. Using BIM for general contractors, collaboration with all project stakeholders become easy. In various parts of the globe like United Kingdom, BIM services have become a mandate on public works, and as per ISO 19650, project teams are likely to work with BIM in several ways. The Mandates for using BIM execution plan will increase for complex projects like airports, hospitals, and university campuses.

Construction clients also want BIM services to be a part of their project. So, If you are not using BIM as a contractor, you may get disqualified from even bidding on specific projects. You can be out of the game if you can’t demonstrate your BIM expertise to clients. So, why are you getting stuck? Get friendly with BIM and enhance your chance of winning more work. Stay connected with this digital technology and get an edge over your competitors. Call at 202-465-4830 or email to discuss modeling requirements of BIM for general contractors.