As-Built BIM Modeling in Washington DC, Baltimore, MD and Virginia

As built BIM model and As-built documentation allows easy capturing of changes during a construction project. The As-Built BIM services allowed us to handle the catastrophic effects of conventional As Built drawing and as-built models which lacked document frequent updates in accordance with the changes.

Rework entailed was also one of the major problems in conventional as-built drawings causing a delay in project delivery. The fragmented project management methodology adopted in the traditional method, lacked information in a construction phase leading to inaccuracy and errors in construction documentation.

The process of as-built information modelling can be performed through data acquisition method and building information modeling techniques like photogrammetry and lidar solutions. As built documentation allows project stakeholders streamline communication in various phases of the construction projects, reducing the extra cost of rework where the changes/modification by contractor/subcontractor are incorporated In BIM to produce As-Built models. Nowadays, construction technologies are automating workflows and integrating collaborative work to enhance construction productivity. As a result of which, the project managers and surveyors get the chance to make precisely accurate decisions in a given time. 

Adoption of apt construction management software solution, allows construction professionals to undertake real-time decision making. BIM implementation adds to the advantage by identifying and resolving conflicts. As Built drawings assist construction clients to visualize the building, providing a virtual tour of every facet of the building with BIM Services, thus improving the productivity and sustainability of building within a given time frame.  

According to a construction industry report, it is found that combining digital as-built and BIM techniques, construction activities had a 6.6%  reduced error rate in comparison to the traditional estimation of 43.749% reflecting the prominent accuracy of digital as-built BIM modelling as opposed to the outdated pen-and-paper design and draft.

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Why the Need of As built BIM Modeling?

  • Field Verification: BIM model is used for field verification of building components. Expert Revit BIM Modelers use laser scanning technology for converting point cloud data of an under construction building into an as-built model. This facilitates project managers to monitor on-site conditions in real time. Changes made in the 3D BIM model facilitate the contractors to collect information for installing components from the original design and maintaining a record of changes made in the plan and construction drawings.
  • Markup Drawings: As-built drawings are also used for converting data existing during the pre-construction stage into 3D models. This methodology helps to swiftly convert 2D building plans into 3D models. Using the drawing data, AEC industry professionals make future modifications for building renovations as the contractors can easily and efficiently retrieve as-built documents for accessing the information on drainage systems, ducts, and other building components. Furthermore, as-built drawing acts as a tool for the facility managers to describe critical items and objects accurately.

As Built drawings serve as a base to Construction Project Stakeholders

  • Contractors: It becomes easier for the contractors to envisage necessary actions in different phases through BIM-based as built drawings. The contractors can identify and resolve issues before their occurrence in the construction phase.
  • Project Owners: As-built drawings facilitate the project owners by installing and recording items. Issues can be resolved and necessary design revisions to the building can be done.
  • Property Buyers: As-built drawings are vital during sale/purchase of property by allowing them to explore the base for future renovation and developments.
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The collaboration of As-built documentation with BIM tools and construction management software continues to improve data control, project lifecycle management, construction efficiency, and productivity enhancing your profitability. 

To know more about as-built drawing execution and building project sustainability throughout the entire lifecycle, stay tuned to our next blog. To get professional As-Built  BIM services and construction management, check out with Tejjy Inc. – a construction management, BIM, engineering, architectural and permit expediting service provider in Washington DC, MD.